Zach Myers of Shinedown will be performing in Omaha on Feb. 10

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Will Patterson

Zach Myers from the rock band Shinedown will be coming to Omaha’s Shamrock’s Pub on Friday.

While known for his role as a former bassist and current guitarist of Shinedown, Myers will be coming to Omaha with his other group: Allen, Mack, Myers, Moore. Named after the group members, this band is offering a different show than one might expect from Shinedown.

The group’s Forever and Seventeen tour is the reason for their stop in Omaha.

“It’s a lot of songwriters sitting around and telling stories,” Myers said. “It can just fly off the rails at any time.”

The performance Myers plans to deliver alongside his friends and fellow musicians carries a laid-back vibe. While his performances with Shinedown are highly calculated and scripted, Myers claims that this tour is something else.

Allen, Mack, Moore, Myers is composed of a group of musicians hailing from Memphis, Tennessee. Unlike Shinedown, this group lives near each other—a key factor in the friendly nature emulated by their performances.

For Myers, this project is about piecing together music in between the other member’s busy schedules and his own activities with Shinedown. Many of the songs have been put together collaboratively using text messages and FaceTime.

“This project would obviously have to fit in the spaces between Shinedown,” Myers said,“but I think this thing will go on forever.”

The band is intended to be a fun project enjoyed by all members of the band, who have other musical careers they pursue separately. But this is viewed as a fun way of expressing different forms of music and types of performances.

“I have just as much fun with this band,” Myers said. “It never feels like work.”

Myers said that he encourages fans of all ages to see the show because it aims to make people laugh as well as provide music.

Those looking to get a taste Allen, Mack, Moore, Myers music can find their first album, Just South of Moonlight, on iTunes. Their second album is currently only available at the Forever and Seventeen tour.

The show will be taking place at Shamrock’s Pub on Feb. 10 with doors opening at 7 p.m. and the show beginning at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 if purchased in advance and $20 at the door.

Shamrock’s Pub permits individuals that are 18 years old entrance upon providing valid identification. Customers under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian accompany them.