“YOU” Season Two and Forward


Natasha McCallister


What would you do for the one you loved? How far would you go for that person?  Would you kill for them?

This last question is the base of Netflix’s new hit thriller show “YOU.” Season one introduced Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager who had a serial killer obsession with aspiring writer Guinevere Beck. The first episode had me checking my social media setting but still wanting more of the love story that is Joe and Beck. Without giving too much away, we say goodbye to Beck and Joe at the end of season one and say hello to Will in season two.

“The only fresh start is a start without love.” This is the last sentence in Joe’s monologue in the beginning of season two. Joe, who is now Will Bettelheim, is starting a new life in Los Angeles. In the new season we meet Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candance and Delilah, an apartment manager and reporter who is taking care of her younger sister Ellie. The audience also meets the real Will Bettelheim.

Oh! And we meet Love, the name of the girl who is Joe’s new obsession. The writers of “YOU” have a twisted, ironic sense of humor that fits amid the madness.

Joe, now Will, tries to be a better guy and the audience gets to see that side of him. Joe has a fun and happy relationship with Love, meeting her family and friends and forming a deeper bond with her than what he had in his previous relationships.

Season two provides a new plot with twists that can appear annoying and also surprising, leaving the audience wanting more. This is how we start binge watching and forget about the paper that is due the next day.

Season two’s plot thickens when Candance appears and creates a chaos that has Joe in a slight panic. To protect Love, he wants to leave but a spiderweb of events happen and, in the end, someone eventually has to die.

Season two “YOU” leaves the audience watching as Joe drives back to a suburban home and Love opens the door with a not-so-subtle baby bump. It appears that Joe has finally found the one who he can settle down with and enjoy life.

Joe’s final monologue ends with, “See you soon, neighbor.”

Just like season two was nothing like season one, season three will be full of surprises.  Joe has Love but now there is a neighbor who has caught his eye. Will Joe become obsessed with her like he was with Beck? How will Love react if he does? Will Joe’s past catch up to him?

If you have not watched the new thriller yet, both seasons of “YOU” are on Netflix. The third season is expected to come out sometime in 2021.