What Dr. Who taught me about futile dreams


By Tressa Eckermann – Contributor

I will never be a 900-year-old Time Lord

Oh, the nature of a futile dream.

Nor will David Tennant or Matt Smith – sorry, I mean “The Doctor”

Ever love me like he loved Rose or Sara Jane.

Oh, the nature of a futile dream.

I know he’ll be there when I flip on the

TV or close my eyes and dream really, really hard.

But even somewhere in my somewhat delusional mind I know

I will never get a key to the TARDIS.

I will never know the ‘mad man with the blue box’

I will never get to step into the blue tinted interior or feel the sense of thrilling,

It’s bigger on the inside! magic.

I’ll never know Captain Jack Harkness.

Never meet his easy charm, or know his heroics

That only The Doctor can match.

Or know his equal opportunity love of

Men, women, aliens, Time Lords and pretty much anyone or anything else.

Nor will I meet the Face of Boe.

I will never get to hear what infinite wisdom he

has to offer.

Oh, the nature of a futile dream.

Yet, if there is anything that the mad doctor has

taught us

A futile dream is really better than no dream at all,

because “The Doctor” never gives up,

never stops fighting, and never stops believing in a human race,

that doesn’t even know

he exists.