“Wentworth” still gets an A with the absence of Bea

Graphic by Maria Nevada

Erik Mauro

Netflix is becoming the way of television consumption for many Americans. The streaming service has gotten so big, it’s making its own shows now. Netflix is also picking up shows from around the world. One of those is Wentworth.

The show, an Australian hit, is currently in its sixth season, with the first five streaming on Netflix. The series was inspired by another Australian TV series, Prisoner. The plot line is similar to the American hit, Orange is the New Black.

Focusing on Bea Smith, a housewife who was repeatedly abused by her husband and tried to kill him–staging it to look like a suicide. This led to her arrest. After arriving at Wentworth, she worked her way up the ranks of the women, becoming “top dog.”

Season two introduced the main antagonist of the series, Joan Ferguson. Ferguson is the governor of the prison, better known as the warden. Ferguson is cunning, deceitful and will turn her back on anybody just to further advance herself.

Bea and Ferguson develop a rivalry, ending with Ferguson murdering Bea and putting herself amongst the inmates at Wentworth whom she had treated very badly the previous seasons. This brings us to season 5, without the main character, this might be the best season of the show yet.

Former characters are returning to do some more time, most notably Franky Doyle. Doyle had feuds with both Ferguson and Smith. Smith ultimately wins and the two became allies.

Her return is noteworthy for the fact that Bea developed a romance with fellow inmate Allie Novak in season 4. In season 5 Franky and Allie unite to try and take down Ferguson. These two have not only partnered together to try and take her down, they are also planning their escape from Wentworth at the same time. Ferguson tried to murder Novak with drugs at the end of season 4, leading to the fight between Smith and Ferguson.

Ferguson is power-hungry, and she has elevated herself to the role of top dog in season 5–taking the place of Smith. She is so crooked that she has some of her henchmen working as guards at the prison, unknown to the other workers.

She is also running a drug trade from inside the prison, in hopes of sabotaging the higher authority all with the plan of regaining her post as governor. She was originally removed from the position because she let her personal feelings get in the way with a guard–leading to her original arrest in season 3.

Many inmates besides Bea have tried to bring Ferguson down in the past, and season 5 is no different. She always finds a way out of it and there isn’t a level that she will not stoop to.

Wentworth is a series full of drama, with multiple storylines throughout to keep the viewer engaged in the show. With new twists and turns in every episode, and just a touch of comedy at the right times, the series is still an A+ watch.