Ways to stay safe and fit if you’re avoiding the gym


Jack Hoover

The Keystone Trail. Photo courtesy of visitomaha.com.

The new school year has brought along new changes to many facets of campus.

As the battle to fight COVID-19 continues, safety precautions are being taken all around UNO in order to ensure the spread of the virus is limited. Perhaps the building on campus with the most obvious changes is the Health and Kinesiology building.

Now, before working out, students must reserve a workout time online, wear masks while they are in most parts of the building and the equipment gets cleaned around every one and a half hours. All of this is done to provide as safe and sterile an environment as possible.

No safety measure can have 100% effectiveness however, so many students may still opt to play it safe and not work out on campus. The question these students might be asking would then be: How do I stay fit at home?

At Home

It does help to have fancy equipment and lots of heavy weights to stay in shape, but these are far from required. There is a plethora of options when it comes to at home workouts.

You can always turn to trusty YouTube with hundreds of different workout videos available with a variety of styles or skill levels.  One popular channel with over four million subscribers is MadFit. She posts videos that are exercises with favorite music, mostly of HIIT workouts and low impact.

For those who want to take a breather and center themselves there is always Yoga With Adriene. She has playlists of videos centered around themes like yoga for beginners, yoga for back pain and yoga for uncertain times.

It seems that there are just as many workout apps available as there are videos available on YouTube.


Some people are tired of being cooped up and are ready for some fresh air.

UNO students who would like to safely get out of their house and work on improving their cardiovascular health will find that there are many trails very close to campus that are ideal for biking, jogging or even a leisurely stroll.

In between Dodge campus and Scott campus, students can access Elmwood park. The paths that stretch from one end of the park to the other make excellent trails for jogging.

Those in search of a trail that is a little longer can try their luck on the Keystone trail. Running from Democracy Park in North Omaha all the way to Papillion Park at its southern end, the trail is over 15 miles long. Located just west of both Dodge and Scott Campus, the trail makes for easy jogging for UNO students.

Aside from jogging or biking, students can devise a workout plan to do in the safety of their own rooms. Using a combination of crunches, pushups, sit-ups, dumbbells, exercise bands or whatever else might be at hand, a successful workout routine can be crafted.

The aspect that health and fitness experts seem to stress is that the workout must follow two things: it must be well structured and it must be consistent.

For those staying safe at home, it is still possible to get stay fit and active. A little more creativity than usual may be required, but that could be part of the fun for many.