Voter’s Guide: Close congressional race


2nd Congressional District Race

Brad Ashford (D)

The Platform:

Supports immigration reform.
Supports compromise on the Affordable Care Act.
Supports student loan reform and training programs.
Supports expanded energy.


Lee Terry (R)

The Platform:

Is pro-life.
Against the Affordable Care Act.
Supports further military action.
Supports expanding green energy.
Supports privatization of social security and education.


Chances are if you live in Nebraska, you are voting in the District Two Congressional Race. The candidates are incumbent Rep. Lee Terry and challenger State Sen. Brad Ashford. The candidates have been attempting to blacken each other with a variety of negative ad campaigns.

“Why would you do that when violent criminals are being released?” Terry asked Ashford, as part of an ongoing effort to tie him to the goodtime and prison furloughs that released Nico Jenkins.

Ashford focused on tying Terry to the shutdown, which he supported, and Congressional gridlock that has 83 percent of Americans disapproving of their work, according to an August Gallup poll. Whether these mud-slinging strategies will work to the advantage of the candidates has yet to be seen, but their stance on the issues is also full of conflict. While their affronts to each other are well documented, the platforms of each are less clear.