Voodoo’s Odd Shop: A Collection to Die for


Grace Bellinghausen

Voodoo’s Odd Shop in South Omaha brings the creepiness just in time for Halloween. Photo by Grace Bellinghausen/The Gateway.

As the season changes and Halloween nears, one South Omaha shop displays bone-chilling artifacts and oddities that are sure to put anyone in the Halloween spirit.

Voodoo’s Odd Shop is located on 13th and Martha streets in an ominous brick building. The former mortuary is creepy on the outside, but on the inside, you’ll see it’s not just the house that is haunted. The owner, Derek Everhart, has opened it up to guests and ghosts.

“When my youngest went off to school, I started the store and it has grown into this,” Everhart said.

Covering every square inch of the 120-year-old building are dark artifacts, two headed animals, real skeletons and even prison letters and drawings penned by America’s most prolific and famous serial killers, including killer clown John Wayne Gacey and Night Stalker Richard Remirez. 

Everhart said his curiosity was not always championed. 

“In highschool is when I first started to collect weird things,” Everhart said. “You know my parents didn’t allow it, sometimes even life doesn’t allow it too, but it just grew and grew and now it’s a permanent fixture in my life.”

A book lies on one of the counters filled with letters from serial killers to their lawyers, most of them likely never publicly released. Due to the rarity of the collection, it mustered a lot of buzz in the Omaha community.

One first time customer, Tim Anderson, said his coworker told him about the ‘spooky shop’ in South Omaha.

“We’ve heard wonderful things about this place,” Anderson said. “It’s a really odd collection of eclectic stuff and it’s very intriguing so we came out here to take a look.”

Not only is the VooDoo Odd Shop a great place to appreciate all things creepy and occult, but most items on display are also for sale in time for the Halloween season.