VIDEO: DO Space- Cyber Senior Program


Justin Edelman

Do Space is offering a free technology course for senior citizens called The Cyber Senior Program.

The program is aimed at helping seniors increase their efficiency and understanding of technology in a fun, constructive and low-pressure environment.

“It is important for them to be introduced to that technology in a pretty low pressure environment so they gain the proper knowledge stress free,” Community Learning Specialist Brian Sarnacki said.

Sarnacki said senior citizens can bring in their software or any kind of technology into Do Space and get one-on-one lessons or group lessons during the program.

Barb Davis had a great first experience with the volunteer teachers of the program.

“The volunteers really could answer my questions and they were patient with me,” Davis said.

The Cyber Senior Event is every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Do Space.