VIDEO: Newman Center


Jaimie Schmitz

It may not look like much right now, but progress on the John Paul Newman center at UNO is really looking good. And by August, this building will house students, R-A’s, and a few priests.
Adam Ybarra will be the JP2’s Resident’s Director.

He compares what he wants for the new residents, to his time in college living in his fraternity house.
“The more and more I grew up, the more and more that the frat house became my home.” Ybarra explains, “And then my parents house was just my parents house.”

Ybarra plans to make the JP2 feel like a home for the whole community while giving the students of the metro the guidance they need.

“At this point we are almost raising other people kids.” Ybarra describes.

He meets with everyone who wants to live here because he says he wants to get to know everyone here at J-P-2 newman center.

They are still taking resident applications.