VIDEO: Go West


Jared Kennedy
The Omaha News

The Go West exhibit at the Joslyn Art Museum touches on a significant part of Omaha history. The exhibit shows artwork inspired by the expansion of the United States toward the pacific, and the oppression of Native Americans.

Toby Jurovics is the chief curator at the Joslyn. He said the works generally range from 1830 to 1930 in the exhibit.

“It covers the first Anglo encounters with the American West up to the creation of the cowboy mythology we see in films, television shows and commercials,” Jurovics said. “That’s still very potent in our culture today.”

The exhibit features stunning artifacts from Native American culture as well as paintings from many different artists.

Amy Rummel is the director of marketing at the Joslyn. She said the exhibit is partially intended to enhance the Joslyn’s works they already have on view.

“We look for something that could also bring something new to the mix of what we have to offer,” Rummel said.

Time is running short to view the exhibit which runs through April 17.