VIDEO: What are the Dundee Sunks?


Avery Wenck
The Omaha News

The Dundee Sunks have long been a space for children and families to come and enjoy the fresh air. It is a space that is more convenient for folks despite being smaller than Memorial Park. The main reason for this is that families need not risk the safety of their kids by crossing Underwood.

The aesthetics of the space have been in question for some time, and a proposed renovation is now in place.

Matt Dwyer, Dundee resident and GreenSlate Development principal, says that the vision for the renovation has been developed over the past two years.

“Me and my buddies got together, had some beers and thought that a renovation would be a cool way to utilize the space better,” Dwyer said.

The project is now in the fundraising phase and Dwyer believes it could be done in the next two years.