UNO theatre sets season into motion


Will Patterson

The University of Nebraska at Omaha 2017-2018 theatre season has already been set into motion with first auditions held earlier this week.

“There’s an overall theme to the season,” Said Scott Glasser, aUNO theater professor. “We’re calling it a revolutionary season.”

All the plays of this year have aspects of revolution. Whether they tell the story of a literal revolution or forever altered the face of theatre—these productions will all convey a sense change.

The first up on the lineup is “Our Town.” The auditions for the first UNO production of the year were held earlier this week, and the show will be held Sept. 27-30 and Oct. 4-7.

“Our Town” is a revolutionary piece because of how it changed theatre. The original production of the show was held in a venue that was stripped bare, with only chairs set up for the audience to sit and an empty stage.

While unusual for the time it was first performed, the minimalistic theatre style has become a popular platform for performances of all kinds.

The plot of the play emphasizes the community made up and the characters and how people fit into world.

Following “Our Town” is the UNO production of “Spring Awakening,” which will be showing from Nov. 15-18 and Dec.  1-2.This popular musical recreation of a late 1800s play features rock music score representative of the script’s rebellious themes.

“’Spring Awakening’ is a mini revolution among a generation,”Glasser said. “Young kids fighting against the prevailing values they were born into.”

The story of “Spring Awakening”follows the stories of adolescent boys who are coming to terms with adulthood. The production is very open about the exploration and development of sexuality.

The spring theater season begins with “The Revolutionists” showing from Feb. 21-24 and Mar 1-3.

“The Revolutionists” follows the story of 4 different women who are existing and playing roles in the French revolution. These characters have very different backgrounds and goals throughout the course of the performance.

“It’s about how they reflect each other, they’re points of view,” Glasser said. “And why they are involved with the revolution—whatever side that may be.”
The final play of the UNO theatre season is “Marat/Sade” which webe performed Apr. 11-14 and Apr.18-21.
“Essentially, we’re starting and ending with plays that change the conversation of theatre—and not just in America,” Glasser said.
“Marat/Sade” is a play about a prison theatre production taking place in post-revolution France during 1808. A political prisoner helps put on performances for those running the asylum.Ultimately the prisoners rise up against those that are oppressing them in spirit of revolution.
Students of all majors and backgrounds are encouraged to audition if they are interested. More details about auditioning and theatre schedules can be found on the UNO theatre department’s website.