UNO students share their experiences with academic advisement


By Kamrin Baker

‘Tis the season. Advisement season, that is. The Spring enrollment period is upon the University of Nebraska at Omaha campus, and this isn’t the first rodeo for us Mavericks.

Advisement is met with mixed reviews. Whether it’s swapping majors, waiting for an advisor to email back about that one class code, or simply scheduling an appointment in MavTRACK, not one student sits idle the day the shopping cart opens up on MavLINK.

It seems that each semester new questions arise about what comes next, and how things have changed, and what the future holds at UNO, so advisement undoubtedly brings up some stressful scenarios. However, it can also allow students to embrace their majors, their career paths and their very selves.

For me, I’ve known what I’ve wanted to do from the very beginning of my journey at UNO. I was one of the lucky ones with a harmony in both mind and matter: I would be a journalist, and this is where I would learn to become that. But I still had questions.

Is this the right class number? What if the journalism I want to do is different from what this elective writing course entails? How will I fit this into my schedule? Who do I talk to if I want to declare a minor? Will I still graduate on time?

That last one seems to linger for everyone.

And yes, anyone can check the online DegreeWorks program to check on their academic timeline, but sometimes it’s hard to translate. And it shouldn’t all be on the backs of students. The role of an advisor is to answer all the questions—stupid or otherwise—and to act as a source of constant support. Some individuals find that, while others have the opposite experience.

Those experiences are detailed here. Note: All advisor names have been changed to “my advisor” to remove name-calling or bias.

“My advisor is fabulous. She cares, and unlike some advisors, when you leave her office she will say hello and have a conversation with you whenever she sees you outside her office. She will also remember anything you tell her, and will make herself available to you when you need her. I love her as my advisor, and I was lucky enough to get her as a professor this semester.” –Anna Rodriguez, junior

“For me, every time I asked questions I felt like my advisor didn’t know the answer to it or felt annoyed that I even asked. It’s not horrible, I guess, but my meetings with him could’ve gone a lot better.” –Okina Tran, sophomore

“My advisor is amazing. He’s really awesome. He’s funny, quirky, very intelligent and easy to talk to. He always helps me, but the thing with him is that he always says ‘yes’ to everything I say. I always go into his office with a plan, and he never really needs to do much, but he provides a lot of reassurance.” –Norma Castro, senior

“I think it’s good how the college always pushes us to go to advisement meetings. A lot of us might not even consider it, and the idea of advisement itself is beneficial all around.” -Dario Gudino, junior

“As a sophomore going in to an advising meeting, I fully expected for my advisor to be able to guide me into the correct classes and understand the job I wanted. He literally had no clue what I was talking about and gave me classes that had nothing to do with my concentration. It was super frustrating because my money is paying these people to help me get my degree and pick the correct courses. My advisor was a poor example of one.” –Katie Carnes, junior

“My advisor has always been supportive to me and she comes into our meetings with so much positivity and a huge smile that’s contagious. We always talk about the show ‘The Office’ and sometimes just talk about quotes and scenes because that’s our favorite show. She truly sees the potential that I have and she supports me the whole way. She even told me that she will be at my commencement this December just to see me and a couple other students even though she is having a baby this month! That is nothing short of amazing.” -Vaughn Perez, senior (and soon to be graduate student)

Although each student at UNO has a different perspective of their academic advisement meetings, all of us will learn and grow throughout our time as Mavericks. The Spring 2018 Class Schedule is now available online through MavLINK.