UNO student helps local elementary



Jared Kennedy

News Editor

Nelson Mandela Elementary is a new school in Omaha and commenced classes recently.

Before the school could commence classes however, administrators needed to establish a procedure handbook and health policy. University of Nebraska at Omaha student-athlete Katherine Barrow stepped up to the plate.

Barrow is no stranger to big responsibility and is one of the pitchers for the UNO softball team. Barrow
wrote the health policy and procedure for the school and helped maintain communication between administrators and parents.

“It’s pretty interesting to be on the ground floor of a school,” Barrow said in a recent interview with UNO communications. “It was fun to be a part of the shuffling and the development of an entire school program.”

Barrow is a public health major and credits her schooling with preparing her for the challenge.

“It was very overwhelming at times,” Barrow said.

Barrow is no stranger to high-pres-sure situations on the softball field. She was a second team All-Summit League nominee, and also made the academic honor roll for the Summit League.

“I think a lot of the self-discipline and persistence that I was required to have for softball helped me per-severe through the chaos,” Barow said. “Just sticking with it.”

Barrow said she enjoyed this challenging opportunity to give back to the community with her work. She also believes that her professors deserve much credit for her success and applying classroom principles to the real world was a treat.

“I think in the classroom setting it is easy to play on your strengths. You know what you are supposed to study and what portions of the books to read,” Barrow said. “I think the real world experience really exposes your vulnerabilities and it really challenged me to be-come more well-rounded. I liked the challenge.”