UNO selected by Jet Linx & Southwest for Pilot Pathways Program


Grant Rohan
News Editor

On Thursday, Aug. 1, Southwest Airlines launched a new career program in partnership with Jet Linx Aviation and the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), alongside three other universities and five industry partners.

The Destination 225° program provides opportunities for collegiate aviation students to become qualified candidates for future Southwest first officer positions. The southwest directional heading is located at 225 degrees on a compass, and Destination 225° was developed to lead aspiring pilots to Southwest Airlines.

UNO Aviation Students participating in the program will begin their journey at Jet Linx or the other Destination 225° partners, including US Aviation, Bell Murray Aviation, CAE, XOJET Aviation and Swift Air. Universities partnered with the program include: UNO, Arizona State University, Southeastern Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma.

Aspiring students who apply, interview and are selected for the Destination 225° program will receive a Southwest mentor during training, be invited to Southwest for training activities and events and apply for selection as a Southwest Airlines first officer. Participants will undergo training and evaluation to meet or exceed Southwest’s candidate qualifications while learning to be safe, efficient pilots who fly “the Southwest way.” The program has no cost to apply, however students advancing through the process will be responsible for all costs in their respective training programs.

Jetlink. Courtesy of UNO Communications

“Destination 225° will allow us to develop world-class pilots who are ready to fly ‘The Southwest Way,’” said Alan Kasher, Southwest’s vice president of flight operations. “This comprehensive pilot development mission is designed to make becoming a Southwest pilot an attainable goal for passionate, qualified individuals.”

“Students in our professional flight program are already benefitting from the increased demand for pilots, but Destination 225° and this exciting partnership offers a unique opportunity for our students,” said UNO Aviation Institute Director Scott Tarry. “Maverick aviators accepted into Destination 225° will be on course to work with the nation’s premier aviation companies as they train to become professional pilots and begin the pursuit of a career in aviation. We’re excited to be a part of this program and can’t wait to see our students take full advantage of this fantastic opportunity.”

Since its beginnings in 1990, the UNO Aviation Institute has flown to great heights while instructing students in flight and educating them in the areas of air traffic control, airline operations, airport management, aviation safety and security and a new program in unmanned air systems. Alongside classroom instruction, students are prepared through numerous extracurricular activities, flight hours and simulations to build skills they need to be successful in the aviation industry.

UNO’s competitive student aviation team, the Flying Mavs, are one of the most successful in the country, with recent top 10 finishes in the National Intercollegiate Flying Association’s annual Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference competition. Maverick students also won the Transportation Research Board’s Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) design competition for airport innovation.

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