UNO professor addresses 2017 racial slur incident at Board of Regents meeting

Larry Bradley

Will Patterson

UNO Professor Larry Bradley spoke at the Jan. 25 NU Board of Regents meeting about a racist incident involving the UNO baseball team in 2017.

The incident was first reported by the Gateway in Dec. 2018. According to emails obtained by the Gateway, a prospective baseball player and his family saw a phrase containing a racial slur written on a locker room whiteboard.

Bradley said that the incident was first brought to his attention in November of last year. While at Walmart, a fellow father of a baseball player approached Bradley and informed him of the rumor.

“As he was informing me of the racial slur incident at UNO, I could see the disappointment and pain in his face,” Bradley said.

Bradley suggested that going forward the university could consider hiring more minority coaches and putting the issue of racism on a future meeting agenda.

“A minority person at the top of the athletic department makes a strong statement about the university of Nebraska system’s willingness to provide equal opportunity for all,” Bradley said. “We all know there are qualified diverse and minority applicants out there.”

As of Saturday, Bradley had not received any responses to his five-minute presentation.

“If the Regents stay silent on this issue, and it appears they tolerate racism, then the rest of the university system will follow suit. Conversely, if the Regents are vocal and demand a free, safe and inclusive environment for all students, faculty and staff, then racism will become less visible,” Bradley said.