UNO Presidential Candidates’ violation of rules prompts public hearing


Jessica Wade
Editor in Chief

According to Chief Election Commissioner Daniel Kuchar, a public hearing will be held on Monday, March 25 at 7 p.m. in CPACS 132 in response to both UNO presidential candidates going over their allotted campaign spending budget of $500.

Kuchar said the final results of the election are on hold until after the hearing.

Aya Yousuf and her running mate Jabin Moore were originally announced as president and vice president.

Yousuf gave this statement: “An issue has been brought to our attention with regard to our campaign expenses. All presidential campaigns are instructed to not exceed $500 limit. We did not exceed this limit, but what is in question is our budget in terms of “fair market value” of services. Our priority was and is being fair and honest. We are ready to explain and answer any questions or comments anyone may have. We are truly sorry for this misunderstanding and are sure the hearing will clear any confusion and allow us to focus on serving students.” 

Yousuf and Moore ran against Cade Wolcott and his running mate Hannah Keator.

Wolcott gave this statement: “During our campaign, we were careful to not exceed the spending limit. We have done our due diligence in preparing our budget, following election rules, and recording the fair market value of any services we received. We look forward to answering any questions the election commission may have about our budget.”

The spending dispute comes after last year’s controversy-filled election.