UNO hosts online First Amendment webinar


Jared Sindt

Learn more about your First Amendment rights by registering for Thursday’s panel. Photo courtesy of University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Jeremy Lipschultz, Ph.D., will host a First Amendment and global free expression seminar on Thursday, Sept. 30. The event will have multiple speakers who will discuss the use of the First Amendment and global expression and answer your questions.

“There are attempts to take away our fundamental First Amendment rights,” Lipschultz said. “Everyone needs to know about it.”

Two years ago, the panel was hosted during Constitution Week and promoted by the Maverick social media team, but COVID-19 prevented the panel from taking place last year.

This year, however, the panel is back during a time when First Amendment rights are the talk of social media.

With controversies such as Trump’s removal from Twitter while Taliban spokesman members still have their accounts, the panel will answer questions on topics such as these from their professional standpoint.

Many college students have been seen to not know their First Amendment rights. A study done by The Tommy G. Thompson Center on Public Leadership in partnership with the University of Wisconsin Survey Center surveyed 530 undergraduate students on their views of the First Amendment.

According to the study report, the results are troubling. As this report describes, many UW students do not understand what constitutes protected speech or activity under the First Amendment. Moreover, some of their responses reveal substantial opposition to established free speech principles and religious liberties.”

The study also showed that students believed that the government should act on social media accounts.

Statistics included 40% believing the government should restrict the speech of climate change deniers, over 50% believing the government should restrict speech of racially insensitive people and 63% believing the government should punish hate speech.

The panel’s goal will be to educate those who seek it on what constitutes their First Amendment rights and how those rights apply to all people.

The panel will have many able speakers, including Adam Goldman of the New York Times and many professors who study the First Amendment from different universities.

“The panel will respond to questions, interact with each other and respond to audience comments,” Lipschultz said.

If you want to attend the panel this Thursday and learn more about your rights as an American and how they’re being taken away, use the link below to register.