UNO Hockey players’ favorite Halloween memories


Grace Wirka

The UNO hockey team takes a look back at some of their favorite Halloween memories: candy and costumes. Graphic by Mars Nevada/the Gateway

Year after year, it seems that Halloween candy and decorations are set out earlier and earlier.

For some of us, as the years go by, our excitement for the holiday decreases. Once we reach the age where we’re too old to go out trick-or-treating, Halloween seems to lose some of its thrills. When we see the aisles full of overpriced candy, costumes and decorations, our first emotion may no longer be excitement, but instead fondness. For several members of the Maverick hockey team, they all look back on their childhood with fond memories of Halloween.

One of the best parts about Halloween is dressing up in costumes. Everyone had that one costume they loved. For one player it was his Spider-Man costume that he wore not only for Halloween, but year-round. Other favorite costumes were various professional hockey players and Power Rangers. The Hulk and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were also noted.

While childhood costumes were all similar from player to player, their answers to their favorite candy and worst candy they’ve received trick-or-treating were all over the board. KitKat, Snickers, Skittles, Popcorn balls, Airheads, and Sour Punch Bites were all part of the list that the players had to choose from for their favorite candy they’ve received. Snickers were the crowd favorite, followed by an even split of Skittles, KitKat, and Airheads. Candy Corn and Crunch Bars received an honorable mention via write-in.

Answers to the worst candy received from trick-or-treating were even more diverse. To the player who answered Hershey Bar, shame on you. Although it is just plain chocolate, how can one not like chocolate? One player hit the nail on the head saying, “Those little gumballs, those suck.” Other answers were an apple, Tootsie Rolls, “anything sour,” Dots and Almond Joys. A few of those answers might be arguable. But to the player who received an apple, I’m sorry. Who gives out fruit on Halloween?

After a few years of trick-or-treating, you learn the streets and houses that give out the best candy. After receiving bad candy one year, you know not to go back there next year. On the other hand, if you get something good, then you know to return every year. One player knew exactly how to work the system of trick-or-treating. He shared this, when asked about his favorite memory associated with Halloween from his childhood: “Going to wealthy neighborhoods in hopes to get king-size candy bars.” Stick taps to you and your friends.

The answers to players’ favorite memories from their childhood associated with Halloween varied a bit from player to player. Overall though, they all had one underlying theme: friends. From trick-or-treating and hay wagon rides to haunted houses, the best part about them memories were the friends they were with.

Some may grimace when they think of the worst candy they received trick-or-treating or cringe at the thought of a costume they were forced into by a parent.

However, there’s no doubt a smile will fall on your face when thinking back to all the memories you have running or rollerblading around town with your friends in your costumes, stretching out the night as long as you could. That’s the best part about the holiday or any holiday really: the time we spend with our friends and family.