UNO graduate Nabity plans to streamline government, upgrade tourism


By Nicholas Sauma, Reporter

Dave Nabity is one of three Republican candidates running for mayor of Omaha. Though he hasn’t held public office before, he has been a part of local and Nebraska politics for years. He is a graduate of UNO and has worked in business with his company, Nabity Business Advisors.
His political contributions to the city and state have centered on protecting small business interests and managing government contracts and spending. In 2009, he founded the Omaha Alliance for the Private Sector which worked on reports regarding fire and police contracts, reorganization of government, and countless other proposals on how to save money and consolidate budgets.  
“I know about risking my reputation and position in order to take care of my customers,” Nabity said. “I’ve been in business all my life, and I have a unique perspective on how government should work and invest to create jobs.”
One of his platform positions is to streamline government.  
“The first thing I want to do is dig deep within the city and review performance and efficiency,” Nabity said. “Then after proper assessment and research, we can start looking at making external changes.”  
Nabity is unsatisfied with the current contract agreements with the fire and police unions, and wants to work toward reaching a deal that is more consistent with what other states have done.
Taxation is also a key issue for Nabity. He thinks  Gov. Dave Heineman’s tax proposal is a great idea, and said it reflects the ideas in his platform for his 2006 run for governor.  
“I think the governor is going about this in the right way because people are talking about it,” Nabity said.  
He has some reservations, including the removal of exemptions that may cause manufacturing business to pack up and leave the state.  
“My solution to the exemption problems would be a flat income tax around 3 to 3.5 percent and eliminating the motor vehicle tax,” Nabity said. “This way you’re making an attractive area for business investment, and protecting manufacturing jobs and low income people.”
Nabity has a unique vision for the future of tourism in Omaha. After his proposed reorganizations to the budget, he would like to spend more money on tourism and entertainment options.
“Most cities spend five times what we do. I want Omaha to be alive with activity and energy,” Nabity said.  “We need to create something unique, like a swimming village, that would use what we created for the Olympic swim trials, and attract more Olympic events and youth events to the area.”
Essentially, Nabity wants to help Omaha create some niche environments for entertainment and tourism, and explained that the first fundamental of good city economics is strong tourism.
As a UNO graduate, Nabity hopes to visit campus to meet and discuss campaign issues with students. For more information on his campaign and possible job openings, visit his campaign site at