UNO students have a swinging good time

Jacob Haas and McKenzie McClure lead students through the basic swing dance footwork.

Megan Fabry

Dance Floor UNO put together the first annual Swing Jam event Friday Aug. 24 for students at Milo Bail Student Center to learn basic swing dancing steps and, for those more seasoned in their dancing, to show off their moves.

Jacob Haas, the Dance Floor UNO secretary and treasurer, and McKenzie McClure, the vice president of the club, created the event. UNO student and president of the club Daniel Ewart helped coordinate and was an instructor to newcomers who weren’t experienced in the art of swing dancing.

“During the event, I will be one of the assistants to the instructor,” Ewart said. “As an experienced dancer, I can help couples who appear to be struggling with learning the steps, and I can show additional steps and tricks to people who are learning quickly.”

Swing Jam is a free event that provided snacks and water for students to have while they wait for friends and dance partners to arrive. UNO student Jeniveve Mulherin attended the event, which lead her to meet new people

“I heard about it through the grapevine,” said Mulherin. “I was at the booth at the Involvement Fair and also got information that way.”

Swing Jam went from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and featured a mixed playlist of modern and classic tunes. A lesson was provided during the first hour for beginners of swing dancing, during which everyone was encouraged to dance with a new partner.

Connor Amblee is a sophomore at UNO and a beginner to swing dancing. He heard about the event through friends and decided to check out the new event.

“It’s a good way to meet new people and find new things to do,” Amblee said. “It also gives me an excuse to dress up fancy.”

Dance Floor UNO created the event to help students improve their moves, but they also wanted to spread the word about their club, where students practice different kinds of ballroom styles with their classmates.

Marty Hebert is the advisor for the UNO Ballroom Dance Club, also known as Dance Floor UNO, and was an instructor during Swing Jam.

“The goal is to dance and have fun,” Hebert said. “The events are all free and it’s great for people to interact socially.”

Dance Floor UNO meets weekly for practices and will continue to hold free events available for all UNO students and faculty.