UNO assistant professor featured in ‘The Paris Review’


By Meredith Whye, Contributor

Among those works in the current issue of “The Paris Review,” which shows artistic interpretations of women by women, are prints made by Wanda Ewing, assistant professor in the University of Nebraska Omaha’s College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media. Ewing is the first Omahan ever featured in the magazine, which began in 1953—about 200 issues ago. The artistic works of “Women by Women” range from photography to Ewing’s prints on found wallpaper. The collection came close to not including Ewing’s work at all.

“It was cool because I almost missed this opportunity,” Ewing said. “They contacted me through email, and it went into my junk folder.”

Luckily, she didn’t miss this chance to display her work in a well-regarded publication. Ewing isn’t exactly sure how the editors at “The Paris Review” picked her, but she suggests maybe they saw her website or heard about her.

“They saw my work somewhere,” Ewing said. “In the last eight to nine years, I’ve really been pushing my work. And by pushing, I mean outside Omaha.”

Ewing considers herself to be an emerging or mid-career artist who works hard at becoming a more established artist. She works at increasing the visibility of her work by showing them on her website ( having exhibits in New York and doing a residency in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

While having her work shown in “The Paris Review” isn’t her biggest break—which was receiving a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant last September—she hopes it will lead to many more opportunities for grants and projects.

“I think it’s huge,” Ewing said as she sat in a computer lab in the Fine Arts Building. “It’s huge for me. I mean look where I’m at—I’m in Omaha, Nebraska. This is a pretty competitive thing, and I was randomly selected. And who knows where it’s going to go?”