UNO Art Gallery in the upcoming year

Photo by CFAM

Danielle Meadows

The University of Nebraska at Omaha Art Gallery displays several exhibits each semester, showing off a variety of artistic mediums that are certain to impress any student.
Exhibitions are selected each semester by an art faculty committee and the gallery coordinator. With seven exhibits each year, two or three often feature contemporary artists with regional and national reputations.Additionally, the gallery displays works by UNO art faculty every other year, and mount three exhibitions of student work each year.
Denise Brady, UNO Art Gallery Coordinator, says these exhibits expose students to the diversity and vitality of contemporary visual culture and support the educational mission of the School ofthe Arts.
Shortly after the fall semester begins, a new exhibit will open in the UNO Art Gallery. Starting Friday, Aug. 25, the Kimmel Harding Nelson Artist Residents Exhibition will be available for viewing. Shown at this exhibit will be a unique combination of paintings, drawings, sculptures and photography. This exhibit closes on Thursday, Sept. 28.
“Three Galleries. Three Shows.”opens on Friday, Oct. 6, showcasing work by three different artists. Gail Simpson focuses on sculpture, using cardboard food boxes to mold everyday items into fascinating works of art.Simpson also works with woodin her sculptures, inserting lights inside to project illuminated images.
Anything from birds to meteor showers are shown, focusing on natural beauty.
Another sculptor, Aristotle Georgiades, will be on display during this exhibit. Georgiades’
work is often of human scale,using recognizable imagery. His early art is largely inspired by labor history and the changing nature of work as we know it.Georgiades’ latest pieces have featured material reuse and salvage frequently, as the contrast between permanent and throw-away materials in architecture interests him.
Joel S. Allen, another artist to be featured in this gallery, focuses on textile instillations combined with sculpture. Many of Allen’s pieces feature hand-wrapped and knotted fibers that hang from ceilings in strange shapes – reminiscent of trees from The Lorax or strange creatures living at the bottom of the ocean. Bold colors, textures and designs make Allen’s work worthy of checking out. “Three Galleries. Three Shows.” closes on Thursday, Nov.9.
Closing out the semester will be the Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Bachelor of Fine Arts Thesis and Senior Shows. Thesis student work will be displayed in the UNO Art Gallery, while BASA graduating senior art will be displayed in UNO’s Criss Library.These student-focused displays give UNO artists a well-deserved time to shine. The student shows open Nov. 19 and close Dec. 15.
“These exhibitions are free to all and represent some of the best artworks being made today,”said Brady. “In addition, you’re viewing and supporting the work of your university artists – both faculty and student.”
The hard work of installing and staffing the UNO Art Gallery is done primarily by art students and faculty on campus. Each time a new exhibit comes, those involved help remove the old one– a bittersweet goodbye met with excitement for what comes next.
“The artwork brought to campus cannot be seen anywhere else in the city,” Brady said.
The UNO Art Gallery is located on the main floor of the Weber Fine Arts building near the north entrance. Regular gallery hours are Monday through Thursday from 10a.m. to 3p.m., also offering tours by appointment. In addition to these hours, the gallery also hosts exhibit receptions which take place either late Friday or Sunday afternoons.