UNO alumnus praises Boston efforts, Mav spirit


Opportunities once thought impossible spark pride and gratitude

Letter To The Editor

As a UNO graduate (Class of 1977), I wanted to say how proud I was about the student support the hockey team received during its his-toric NCAA playoff run. During my time as a Gateway sports editor, I often lamented that student sup-port for athletic events was poor at best. Yes, we were solely a commuter school until the first dorms were built, but to me that was no excuse.
I often think how much more enjoyable my UNO years would have been had we had a Division I hockey team and a home arena. This is an exciting era for Maver-ick athletics now that all sports are eligible to participate in Division I post-season play. The new arena is the icing on the cake.
My advice to those students who will be enrolled this fall is to em-brace the opportunity to attend sporting events. Trust me when I say, your time at UNO will pass quickly, and you should make those years memorable by saying you cheered on the Mavericks.
Finally, I want to offer a pat on the back to the staff for the coverage of the hockey team’s fantastic march to the Frozen Four. This is only the beginning!
John Fey (proud Class of 1977 alum)