UNO alumn wins $10,000 on Ellen Show for sharing special moment


The Ellen Show recently partnered with M&M’s for a special contest #MySweetStory where viewers submitted videos of special moments in their lives.

The winner of the #MySweetStory contest was announced today — and he’s a former UNO Computer Science student who graduated in 2005!

Ellen loved Ronald N Jefferson Jr. and Andrea Phillips-Jefferson‘s video “A Christmas Baby Announcement” so much, they presented him with a life-changing gift of $10,000.

In his video submission, Ron opened his last Christmas gift to find a onesie with his favorite team logo on it — The Cornhuskers. He carefully examined the onesie and asked, “Are you pregnant?” His wife peeked from behind the camera and nodded, “yes.” That’s when he lost it.

The couple has a 12-year-old but had been trying to conceive for two years for a second child.

“My hubby is a very emotional one (as you can see)…he laid there on the floor for about 10 minutes after we stopped the video, but he has recovered and is doing fine,” his wife wrote to The Ellen Show.

The personal video was initially made to share with a few friends on Facebook, but Ron’s mother-in-law — an avid Ellen Show viewer — recommended that the couple submit the clip.

“Before we knew it, we had tickets to the show,” Ron told The Gateway during a phone interview from his San Antonio, Texas job. “We weren’t necessarily trying to win anything. We just wanted to share a moment with friends. Words can’t express our gratitude.”

Ron likened the experience to winning the lottery. He plans to share a portion with his church, his mother-in-law and prepare for the baby’s Aug. 12 due date.

“UNO is a great part of my success story,” he said. “With out my time there… nothing in my life would be what it is.”

“UNO is home for me,” but we all know that the state bleeds red, he said.

While on the Ellen Show, Ron made sure to represent Nebraska by saying “Go, Cornhuskers!” as he introduced himself. He then explained why the Husker onesie and hoodie that he received on Christmas Day was so special.

Click the video below to see his winning video submission on The Ellen Show.