University to launch new ‘link’ to improve student information


By Andrea Ciurej

The NU and Nebraska State College systems will soon be impacted by the launch of a new student information system that will interconnect all campuses with a single database.The NU system and state college system implemented a new student information system after being advised in 2007 that the current system, SIS Plus, will not be supported after Dec. 31, 2011, according to the Nebraska Student Information System’s Web site.

E-BRUNO, UNO’s Web-based enrollment services system, runs on SIS Plus, a records management and enrollment services system.

A new system run by PeopleSoft Campus Solutions – a product made by Oracle – will serve as the primary database for all NU campuses, as well as Wayne, Peru and Chadron State Colleges.

Each campus was still able to create unique name for the new system, according to the Web site.

While UNL and UNK sport the portal names myRED and myBLUE, UNO labeled its portal mavlink.

UNO will start using this portal on Feb. 8.

Jason Blohm, assistant director of recruitment services and change management leader for mavlink, said this is the “single, most expensive undertaking for software in the NU system.”

“This is a multi-million dollar project,” he said. “Hopefully by having both the university system and state college system all in the same one, it’s going to really result in some savings and efficiencies.”

Nonetheless, it will be a very complex project.

“We’re getting one instance of it for all of these people and one of it for all of these people,” Blohm said. “UNL, UNO, UNK and UNMC are all different campuses, we’re all different institutions, we all do things very, very differently.”

Incoming freshmen were already admitted into mavlink as of Oct. 2009, he said. Current students will not have a difficult time catching up.

“Once you learn how to login, it’s really going to be pretty easy for you all,” Blohm said. “It’s a Web-based system, so it’s very student-centric.”

Mavlink’s login procedures will differ from E-BRUNO.

Students will be required to use a “TrueYou” password, rather than a PIN number. This password will be universal throughout the NU system. An NU ID will still be required.

Once logged in to the new system, students will be able to manage records related to application for admission, registration, tuition and billing, scholarships and financial aid, housing and meal plans, course selections, completions and grades.

“It’s going to improve the student information on campus, here at UNO,” Blohm said, “and after all the faculty and staff learn the different nuances of the system, I truly believe it’s definitely going to improve services for students on this campus.”

E-BRUNO will still be accessible through mavlink for a short period, though.

“E-BRUNO will still serve [students] for summer 2010 classes,” Blohm said. “You’re going to have to login to mavlink and access E-BRUNO through mavlink.”

As of fall 2010, students will no longer be able to register using E-BRUNO and the portal will no longer exist.

“The hope and the dream is eventually, down the road, once this implementation is complete and it evolves, that all things are going to be accessible through mavlink with one login,” Blohm said. “That’s like our version of ‘I Have a Dream.'”

For information about the new system, visit UNO’s Web page at or the NU-wide information page at