The uncertain future of Crossroads

Photo courtesy

Kaylee Pierce

The fate of Crossroads Mall once again faces an uncertain future. Just recently, the city of Omaha revoked the Crossroads Mall agreement, which was to push forward a renovated mall.

Papers needed to provide tax information and funding remained incomplete, which forced the deal to be called off. Crossroads again has no immediate plans to be changed.

At this point, it is uncertain if Crossroads will ever get its renovation done. This mall has prime space available and a ready crowd of college students, so this mall could still use an update for more shopping.

If anyone took on the project and stuck with it, it would be great. Being able to access top department stores so close to campus would be great for college students with time restraints or for those who just want to explore the area around campus.

Something needs to be done with the mall. Such a big space remains mostly empty and doesn’t get any foot traffic. Stores like Barnes and Noble could greatly benefit from the foot traffic a newly renovated mall could receive.

Being so close to a main street of Omaha and so close to campus and other well-known shopping hotspots like Target, this mall would be a great bet to take. At this point, it doesn’t seem as though there is anyone willing to take a chance on this mall. It has remained in limbo for so long that the chance for change in the near future seems bleak.

The city of Omaha should be doing more to jumpstart a change to this mall. It is a waste of space right now in a time where prime land in Omaha is hard to find and keep. They need to be actively searching for someone to take on this project. Crossroads Mall could be just as great as Westroads Mall if only someone would take a chance on it.