Two Sides of Seeing: UNO professor’s art exhibit melds photography with watercolor art


My parents met at an art show–my father’s art show to be exact. That fabled art show is the last I have ever heard of my dad putting on a show. So after hearing a lot of speculation about creating a show with his friend, Pam Cates who creates watercolors works based on nature, I’m honestly excited and proud for my dad’s first art show in many years.

The show, titled “Two Sides of Seeing,” juxtaposes my dad’s (Mike Whye) photographs of the Midwest to Cate’s watercolors of the same subject matter. Cates explained to several gallery vistors and myself why the pairing works,

“What works for us is that his [Whye’s] photography is slight abstract, while mine are slight more realistic which makes them flow together.”

Around 50 pieces line the walls of the gallery, pairing scenes from landscapes, close-up of views, rain, lake and ranging through all seasons and sizes of art.

“I knew we had a similar aesthetic, but we didn’t plan it out piece-by-piece,” said Cates. “When we brought all of our art here, it just came together.”

Cates primarily paints plein air with watercolors, and is now focusing on creating handmade jewelry out of recycled items. Whye continues to teach photography and journalism at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, while taking travel and photography assignments across the country.

“Two Sides of Seeing” runs from  March 3 through the 30, at the Jewish Community Center at 333 South 132nd Street. For more information you can call the JCC at (402) 334-8200 or visit my dad’s website at