Tuned in: Gateway playlist


By Gateway Staff

Whether we’re popping a CD in our car stereos on the way to work or choosing a playlist for an all-night study session, all of us have our favorite artists that we continue to fall back on. Here’s a list of the artists who have won that spot in our hearts… and on our iPods.


Jasmine Maharisi


“This may seem old-school, but I’m a hardcore Led Zeppelin fan. I first became addicted when I was in high school and saw a band poster on my boyfriend’s stairwell wall. You know the one: the old guy hunched over while holding a lamplight to shine on a verse from “Stairway to Heaven.” The lyrics were so beautiful, like poetry. And then I listened to the song, and the contrast of heavy guitar riffs and Robert Plant’s throaty vocals with the beauty of the lyrics just blew me away. Almost every one of their songs is like that. It’s like they’ve discovered a secret recipe for perfect rock ‘n’ roll.”


Michael Wunder

News Editor

“Miles Davis. What more can you say? The man was a genius, a visionary and kind of a dick. I really can’t describe anything about him in a way that would do him justice, so just go buy these albums: “On the Corner,” “Bitches Brew,” “Porgy and Bess,” “Kind of Blue,” “Pangaea,” “Agharta”… just get all of ‘em.”


Rachel George

Entertainment Editor


“Not only do I dig Bob Marley’s smooth voice and reggae beats, I dig his charisma. His work is timeless, and as if that wasn’t enough, sometimes you just need someone to tell you that every little thing is gonna be alright.”


Patrick Cooley

Sports Editor

“Chubby Checker. Hands down.  When you’re feeling stressed out from classes, there’s nothing better than listening to Chubby “twist it, twist it, twist it.” It’s a simple move and is sure to raise your spirits.”


Mo Nuwwarah

Opinion Editor

“When I was a kid, I asked my dad who the greatest rock band ever was. “Pink Floyd,” he told me. It would be about a decade before I was exposed to the magic of Roger Waters and his British brethren. They’ve stood the test of time, and if my kid ever asks me the same question I asked my dad, I’ll answer the same way he did.”


Joe Shearer

Photo Editor

“It would be totally absurd for me to nail down a single group or artist and call them my favorite because I listen to a very large number or bands spanning almost every musical genre. With that being said, I’ll list a band that I’ve been listening to a lot lately. There’s an alt-rock group from Philadelphia named Dr. Dog, and they are one of the quintessential pop groups of the early 21st century. With a barrage of vocal harmony in every song and hooks that’ll drop your jaw, you can note heavy influence from artists like the Beach Boys and The Beatles. But the boys from Dr. Dog do a great job of making a sound of their own. So if poppy, guitar-driven rock backed with glorious vocals is your bag, I invite you to jump into it. Their latest recorded effort, “Shame, Shame,” is a great starting point.”


Jeff Kazmierski

Copy Editor

“I have such varied musical tastes it’s hard to pin down a favorite.  One of my earliest influences was The Clash.  Their raw style led me to other, harder sounds like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Metallica.  The last time I was deployed, in 2005, I listened to a lot of Green Day, Disturbed and Rob Zombie.  I also listen to blues musicians like Robert Cray and Stevie Ray Vaughn when I’m in the mood or just need to mellow out.”


Kelsey Jochum

Content Editor

“It all depends on what I’m feeling on a particular day. However, amongst all of my favorite bands and artists (Modest Mouse, Ben Gibbard, The Mountain Goats, The Killers, Cloud Cult, The Shins, Coldplay, and so on and so forth…), there is one that will always stand out as my number one: Dashboard Confessional. I have been

listening to them for nine years now, and despite the fact that they have gotten a little poppy in recent years, there is nothing comparable to their early albums. Chris Carrabba’s painfully true lyrics and raw acoustic guitar will forever put this band on top in my opinion.”


Jamie Sughroue-Linale

Assistant Section Editor

“I can’t name a favorite artist.  I live my life to a soundtrack. I typically have my ear buds draped over my shoulder, with at least one in.  Playlists dominate my iPod, and fluctuate on and off approximately as often as I dye my hair.  And that’s often, people.  The “smart playlist” function in iTunes is my best friend when the frenetic pace of my life doesn’t allow for a discretionary plucking of songs from my massive library into a wittily-titled playlist.   I have never-fail favorites that I always fall back on: the entire repertoire of Rilo Kiley or The Pixies, Ben Folds or The Toadies.  I have some new additions to my “classics,” and they include: Florence + the Machine, Death From Above 1979, Eagles of Death Metal, Broken Social Scene and Sigur Ros. I can always depend on them. They never let me down.” 


Breanna Hayden

Art Director

“I don’t listen to much music, but when I have the opportunity my playlists are full of musical soundtracks of all varieties. My favorites are the soundtracks from Wicked and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Once More with Feeling.” I love how the songs are all part of the same story.”


Kristen Brandt

Assistant Art Director

“My favorite artist is constantly changing and evolving, but lately Kid Cudi has been taking up the most time on iPod. I like him because his sound is different and unique, plus it’s mellow, angry and intense all at once. I can listen to his newest album over and over and it doesn’t get old.”