Troubled UNO student makes headlines, viral infamy in failed knife attack


By Phil Brown and Nithya Rajagopalan

By now you’ve heard about Wednesday’s “knife incident” at the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Criss Library.

UNO student Leo Labogen was talking loudly on his cell phone and was told to quiet down. He allegedly pulled a knife on fellow student Brandon Valle, but the altercation was swiftly neutralized. With the assistance of two others, Valle disarmed and subdued Labogen until UNO Campus Security and Omaha Police were able to apprehend him.

Though the incident was resolved rather quickly — within an hour — the photos and a video taken from the scuffle surfaced and taken on an interesting afterlife.

The bizarre nature of one photograph, which shows the three students restraining Labogen by sitting on him, went almost immediately viral on social websites such as Imgur and Reddit.

The photo quickly rose to the top of both sites’ front pages. At 8 p.m. yesterday, the photo was the most popular image on Imgur and third-most popular on Reddit. Moreover, the image has tallied more than two million views on Imgur.

A video of the incident, in which the videographer maintains the same, comically-relaxed position throughout the runtime, was posted on YouTube and has since received over 40,000 views.

For UNO students who use these sites day to day, it was a surreal experience to see the familiar carpet and furniture of the Criss Library on the front page of the massive social sites.

For others, was how they found out about the news in the first place, evidenced by the Imgur comments including, “I go there. Why am I finding out about this on imgur?” and “WAIT I LIVE HERE WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?”

The Gateway will keep you informed as the story continues to develop.

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