Top six sport related horror scenes

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Andrew Nelson

Hundreds, if not thousands, of horror movies have been produced over the past century. From timeless classics like “The Shining,” and “The Exorcist,” to legendary series such as “Friday the 13th,” “Nightmare on Elm Street,” and the “Halloween” series, to that basement VCR recording you and your friends made when you were just old enough to work a camcorder. One thing these films all have in common, mediocre or not, is the use of random weapons, and killings done in creative fashion (for the most part). The wonderful world of sports has been able to poke its head into this film genre over the years to assist in the creativeness of horror’s finest murders. So without further adieu, here are the top six, sports-related horror movie scenes.

No. 6 – Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003) – “Bus Scene.”
A high school football team is left stranded after two tires blowon on their bus. They are stranded in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields. “The Creeper” picks them off one-by-one before trying to enter the bus. With one of his bat-like wings hanging into the bus aisle like a curtain, one player tries moving it, cockily exclaiming, “shower curtain?” The teen is enclosed by the wing, strangling him against the roof of the bus, before his head is “popped,” leaving Mr. Creeper a new cranium to replace his own, which he lost earlier in the movie.

No. 5 – Deadly Friend (1986) – “Basketball Scene”
After Samantha Pringle is declared brain dead from her father’s abuse, a new friend, young science-genius Paul Conway, implants a microchip in her head to revive her. She experiences violent outbursts and seeks revenge on her alcohol-abusing stepfather Harry. In this scene, she encounters another person who gave her grief in a past life, her neighbor Elvira. With her robotic strength she throws a basketball through Elvira’s head, causing it to explode.

No. 4 – “Halloween H20 20 Years Later” (1998) – “Death by Ice Skate”
After the infamous Michael Myers returns to his boyhood home in Langdon, Illinois, he breaks into a local woman’s home. Her neighbor, a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt and a friend, investigate. When the house is empty, but vandalized, the teens return home. The woman suspects something is wrong, and goes to her neighbor’s house to find Gordon-Levitt’s character sitting in a recliner with an ice skate buried deep into his face.

No. 3 “Final Destination 3” (2006) – “Weight Room Scene”
A group of college students survive a horrific roller coaster accident only to be gruesomely picked off one-by-one the rest of the movie. When their friends begin dying in the most bizarre ways, Kevin and Wendy, who saved them all in the beginning, begin having visions of others suffering horrific deaths. In this scene, they try to save Lewis, the All-American football star, but a slip up by his teammate causes a chain reaction of events that involves two swords displayed on the wall to fall and cut the cable of the machine Lewis is working out on. He continues to lift in rejoice that he just cheated death again, and gets one last rep in before two weights come down on opposite sides of his crushing it like a pea between your fingers.

No. 2 – “Final Destination 5 (2011) – “Gymnast Scene”
Sam has a vision of a bridge collapsing beneath the bus he is riding, so just like the other movies in the series, he convinces a group of people to cheat death—leaving the rest of the movie to play out in random gory circumstances. Sam’s girlfriend attends a gymnastics practice with two of the survivors, a gymnast and her boyfriend. A loose screw ends up on a balance beam, and when a gymnast lands on it, causes a string of actions resulting in a cloud of chalk from a fan forcing the gymnast to fly off the uneven bars.

No. 1 – “Signs” (2002) – “Swing Away, Merril.”
Whether you believe this sci-fi thriller is a legit horror movie or not, it scared the masses with its realistic story about aliens creating mysterious crop circles and descending onto Earth to invade. Near the end of the movie, an alien enters the house and Mel Gibson’s character goes upstairs to confront it, and so does his brother Merrill, played by Joaquin Phoenix. Merrill, a former semi-professional baseball player before returning home to the family farm, stands shocked when he sees the alien in their living room. Gibson’s character mutters sternly, “Merrill, swing away.” Phoenix’s character then takes a prized bat of his displayed on the wall, and begins to “swing away,” beating the alien down while discovering in the process that water is like acid to the alien, which is eventually used to kill the extraterrestrial species.