Top Emmy Nominees are Drama and Fantasy Picks


By Natalie McGovern, Contributor


This year, the Emmys are all about the drama … and boy, nearly every show nominated falls under that category. Although several comedies have received nods, it’s shows that imitate life and fantasy that have viewers hooked.

“Game of Thrones,” “Downtown Abbey,” “Breaking Bad,” “Homeland,” “House of Cards,” “Scandal” and more are among the nominees. Each show is heralded in its own right as a work of compelling storytelling, raw performance and has managed to generate a massive following that puts them in good standing. But who is the ultimate standout this season? Which actors will win the hearts of voters?

Best Drama:

Front-runners “Game of Thrones” and “Breaking Bad” seem to be gaining momentum and are considered to be top contenders. Underdogs, “Mad Men” and “Downtown Abbey,” may pleasantly surprise with their strong plot lines, memorable characters and popular reception.

University of Nebraska at Omaha senior Kelly Schultze predicted “Game of Thrones” to take best drama.

“Partly because I’m biased,” she said. Schultze also likes “Scandal.”

“Having never seen ‘Game of Thrones’ (but having heard it’s good), the latest season of ‘Mad Men’ is full of twists that left me anxious about what is bound to occur in the seventh and final season, next year,” Matthias Jeske said. “Jon Hamm has yet to win an Emmy for his ongoing, spellbinding performance as the tormented, secretive advertising executive, Don Draper, and I think it’s high time he got what’s due to him.”

It’s likely medieval-esque, fantasy HBO series “Game of Thrones” will pass the other constituents, but only time will tell.

Outstanding Lead Actor:

It’s hard to form an accurate opinion on this without seeing the nominated performances, but judging from the buzz swirling around “Breaking Bad’s” poignant role of Walter White, actor Bryan Cranston has good odds for winning this round.

Outstanding Lead Actress:

Connie Britton is a surefire choice for best actress with her portrayal of country queen Reina James. However, Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope overshadows Britton with a polished and cool charm that only the most elite, crisis-fixer of Washington could accomplish. With the all the hype of Washington, from magazines to interviews, “Scandal” may easily take the lead.

Washington has odds in her favor: she’s gutsy, acts with conviction and has blazed a trail for other African American actresses in creating powerhouse roles. A real stand out, Washington appeared on the voters radar early on and has staying power. She is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Britton has a more reserved presence, yet has depth, while Washington’s fierce demeanor dominates and captivates TV audiences. The dynamic between Washington and co-star Tony Goldwyn alone has incited a large Twitter following.

The Emmys may please some and be a disappointment to others. I predict the show that has the most pull in promotions will be the one to surpass its competition, winning voters.