Top 5 Imgur reader comments in response to ‘knife incident’ at UNO’s Criss Library


Imgur Infographic Photo2

As the self-proclaimed home to “the most viral images on the internet,” Imgur is a unique, tight-knit web subculture which frequently boasts some of the most shrewd, witty comments known to the internet.

A photo of the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Criss Library knife altercation was uploaded onto Imgur on Wednesday and the comments generated by Imgur users did not disappoint.

Below, The Gateway offers you the most astute, poignant and philosophical comments composed by Imgur users:

5. Carpet Student: “Woah, this burrito I got is too big. I’ll just cut it in half with my pocket knife…AUUUGH, WTF guys?”

(Best response comment: He had 3 knives on him. Maybe he had more burritos for everyone)

4. This is great news, but why is everyone dressed like ’90s Joey Lawrence?

(Best response comment: Because Omaha?)

3. Is he wearing a “Vote for Pedro” shirt?

2. I hope they were quiet while subduing.

1. Dont cut class. . . mates

Information compiled by Nithya Rajagopalan