Tips for surviving a Zombie Apocalypse from an emergency services instructor

Graphic by Connor Beebe

Tyler Davis

Zombies! At the University of Nebraska at Omaha, we want to ensure students are prepared for every situation. Here are a few tips to be prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse on UNO’s campus.


UNO’s resident life has numerous amenities. With four spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms, you and your roommates will have plenty of space to barricade yourselves in away from the zombies. Create emergency exit strategies with your roommates if you ever need to evacuate. Have a designated meeting place outside on campus.


Be prepared for lots of running from these creatures. Take the stairs often and head to H&K to use the treadmills to get into shape. Add in some heavy lifting and climbing as you never know what situation you will find yourself in. The Outdoor Venture Center also has a variety of equipment for rent.


Know where your meal options are so when it is time to refuel from all of the running and heavy lifting you head in the right direction. UNO’s campus has the Scott Dining Hall, Food Court, Maverick Den, Durango’s Grill, Library Café, MavRec Café, Stedman’s Café and Scott’s Café Express.


Stop by the Library and spend some time reading up on defense strategies against brain-eating zombies. There are lots of quiet spaces and materials to learn fighting tactics to protect yourself.

Stay in the Know

Sign up for Emergency Text and Email Alerts with your NetID. UNO uses text message capabilities to reach a broader area than other methods permit, so you won’t have to be scrolling through your email while on the run from brain hungry zombies. This service is free to the UNO community.


When surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, it is extremely important to stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle handy and hit up one of the water bottle refill stations across campus.

Tyler Davis is an Instructor in the Emergency Services Program at UNO. He teaches courses in Biosecurity, Biopreparedness, Emergency Management Training and Exercise Simulation, Homeland Security and Comprehensive Emergency Management.