Third annual oddity and art expo opens in Omaha


Megan Fabry

Several decorated skulls and coffins are on display
Decorated skulls and coffins were just a few of the items on display at the Omaha Oddities and Art Expo. Photo by Bryan Vomacka/the Gateway

Fans of the oddities and curiosities had their chance to buy and sell their art at the Annual Oddities and Art Expo Oct. 26 and 27 at the Double Tree Hotel.

This heavily Halloween-based event was created by Voodoo’s Odd Shop, an establishment that sells natural history items.

The expo led over 50 venders to participate and showcase their work and also included fire performances, magic shows and aerialists. Derek Everhart is the owner of the Voodoo Odd Shop and the creator of the expo.

“Some of these people don’t even get a platform to show their work,” Everhart said. “So, this gives them another avenue to show their passion, so that’s what’s more important to me.”

Everhart’s Voodoo Odd Shop has been open for two years, but he has been a collector of unique items for over 20 years. He first got the idea several years ago from other events around the country.

“I just decided to pull the trigger cause I felt Omaha needed a home for it,” Everhart said. “This gives everybody a good platform to get together and sell their weird stuff.”

A majority of the vendors from the expo are local businesses, which gives them the opportunity to share ideas and trade art. Claire Caswell is the owner, designer and creator at You Do Voodoo, a shop that sells voodoo art dolls, poppets and more. All of the dolls are created in a sacred space and have positive meanings and messages such as healing, protection and banishing negativity.

“Participating in events such as this is how I make a living,” Caswell said.

Although the admission prices were reasonably low, families were also able to get a discount if they brought non-perishable food to donate to Food Bank for the Heartland.