The terrifying fun of Scary Acres begins with makeup artists

Omaha Miller Donscheski focuses intently on perfecting a new character. Photo courtesy of Miller Donscheski

Megan Fabry

Slashed throats. Terrifying clowns. Demonic nuns. Makeup artists at Scary Acres have one job: to invent new looks that terrify and shock all those who dare enter.

Scary Acres first opened its doors in 2002, and from the very beginning makeup artists were in high demand. The establishment needed to find reliable people for realistic work. To become a makeup artist for the popular attraction, hopefuls are required to perform a demonstration or provide a portfolio of their previous works.

Omaha native Miller Donscheski has been creating new characters and expanding his experience at Scary Acres for several years. He said he began working with special effects makeup after a friend introduced him to the hobby. A friend of his and fellow makeup artist invited him to work at Scary Acres as an actor before he began working as a makeup artist.

“Special effects makeup is a creative outlet for me,” Donscheski said. “It’s a really fun way for me to be creative and display my work every night to our customers who come through.”

As one of the most popular Halloween attractions in Omaha, thousands of people attend each season to see what new changes Scary Acres has made to their attractions. Every year, changes are made and rooms are modified to keep up with the demand of those waiting to be frightened of what or who is inside.

The artists work with airbrush, latex, fake blood and more to create the most terrifying and authentic monsters possible. Brooklyn Jo Bylinski is a makeup artist for the attraction and specializes in airbrush and latex work.

“The best part about doing makeup is the reaction afterwards,” Bylinski said. “ I love seeing the volunteer’s face light up after seeing the makeup I did. I love being able to be proud of the makeup I’ve created and I know others are, too.”

Scary Acres is home to three of Omaha’s most terrifying attractions: the Master’s Castle, the House on the Hill and the Haunted Woods. For the faint of heart, there is a Corn Maze that does not include actors in makeup, an area for bonfires and outdoor entertainment.

There is a concession stand and a booth for merchandise for visitors who want a warm drink or a memento of their night spent among monsters. There is no age limit to attend the park and everyone is advised to use their own discretion when inviting friends and family members to a night of endless scares and screams.