DO Space: The greatest tech for all


for better or worse, all by Derek Munyon

By Phil Brown
Opinion Editor

If you need access to a computer, a poster printer or a 3D printer, Omaha has the spot for you. The DO Space opened on Saturday, Nov. 7 at 7205 Dodge St. in the old Border’s building.

The DO Space is a tech haven with banks of Mac computers, various conference rooms, and even separate rooms where teens can go play Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The little kids can also go play and explore. Visitors can learn code, launch start-ups and gain new skills for future jobs.

The upper level of the building has a mostly open floor plan and will be used for classes hosted through Metropolitan Community College. The courses taught there include woodworking, electrical work, drawing and fencing. If the opening day showcase was any indication, they will not be for credit, but will be for any enthusiasts who are interested in picking up a new skill or eventually continuing their education.

The opening celebration was packed and showed off what the DO Space had to offer with demonstrations and explanations of new technologies available.

The DO Space will also hold many events and seminars on new technologies and how to use them. They’re providing a Microsoft Word course to teach how to make a resume on Nov. 16, and NERD-braska is using the space for their monthly meet-up on Nov. 19. For more events, you can check out their website at

For more concrete projects, the DO Space features a laser cutter and a 3D printer, for a cost of $3 per cubic inch and a few spare hours.

The DO Space will prove to be an invaluable addition to our community, allowing people to learn to use technology effectively and being able to better their lives by having easy access to hardware that they may not otherwise.