The artists of Artsarben

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Will Patterson

Aksarben’s annual art show, Artsarben, took place last weekend giving artists a chance to showcase and sell their work while visitors were treated to various street performances.

This Artsarben marks the fifth annual occurrence of the event.

With the heart of Aksarben closed off to make way for a vast variety of artists to set up shop those in attendance were given a wide area to browse artwork of all types.

“I like to recreate old photographs in a new art style,” said Stephen Steininger, an artist displaying his work.

Steininger and his wife are artists from Iowa who ran booths side by side at the event. While one held pottery creations the other presented a unique take on historical images and entirely new creations.

He explained his method of creating images on pieces of wood through carving, drilling and adding little trinkets to emulate an idea or person. One piece of work depicted Anne Pavlova, a famous ballerina of the early 20th century, with features such as her dress made out of watch crystals.

“Someone was selling a few hundred of these old watch crystals on eBay,” Steininger said, “So I bought them and found a way to put them into my work.”

One of the more popular art styles amongst many of the booths operating was painting.

Heather Bennet, a graphic designer who now paints as a full time career, displayed her artwork of things from around the house and everyday life. These images she recreated used a variety of painting techniques such as oil, watercolor and acrylic.

“I say that I have a feminine, whimsical style. I mainly paint a lot of flowers, a lot of produce—things from around the house,” Bennet said in regards to where she finds inspiration for her work.

Bennet’s paintings represented only a fraction of the painting methods to be found at the event, with other artists using other techniques such as high gloss finishes and more traditional styles.

Another field of art with a heavy presence at Artsarben was photography. Photographers displayed moments in time they had captured with their cameras from all across the world.

Tim McCollum is one such photographer with a booth at the event. He and his wife displayed their photographic documentation of the John Lennon Peace Wall in Czech Republic city of Prague.

The John Lennon Peace Wall is an ever changing piece of art. What was once a normal wall in Prague has become a mural adorned with lyrics, messages and images promoting peace in honor of John Lennon.

McCollum Photography has taken it up themselves to travel to Prague at least once a year to document the new and changing messages of the wall.

“Some are found pieces but some are one’s we’ve actually painted,” said McCollum on the prints that were available for purchase.

Those who are interested in volunteering or displaying artwork of their own at future Artsarben can find more information here.