Tech N9ne debuts All 6’s and 7’s in Omaha


By Jenny Beernink, Contributor

Smoke and heat loomed over an energetic crowd Friday night at Sokol Underground where Tech N9ne was set to take the stage for the first of his two-day concert series here in Omaha.

After four openers, Stevie Stone & Jay Rock, Mayday, Kutt Calhoun and Krizz Kaliko, and numerous water gun showers, the noise level had risen to deafening heights.

Stevie Stone & Jay Rock set the tone of the show with their references to sex and smoking while wearing shirts displaying the phrase “Himmi Hyme,” used often when you are in agreement with someone else.

Mayday, who played with more of a rock vibe, got the crowd moving with guitar, bongo and keyboard spotlights.

Kutt Calhoun followed, boasting his love for the female gender and expertise in the bedroom through his lyrics.

The eclectic crowd grew in numbers with each performance. From moshing to crowd surfing and even some floor acrobats, the excitement in the air was almost uncontainable.

While this was not a kid-friendly show, it was full of entertainment for all who attended.

With the stage set up like a digital countdown and smoke filling the air, the crowd slowly started to countdown. The crowd stopped counting at the numbers ‘6′ and ‘7,’ and, almost like magic, Tech N9ne appeared.

Tech took the stage, getting the crowd hyped right away while Kaliko and Calhoun accompanied him. Although he has not been wearing his traditional red hair for years now, Tech’s face was painted.

After the first few songs Tech took to the stage solo. Thanking Omaha for coming out to support and asking who would be back tomorrow for their second show.

“Omaha, you have been great! Now, who’s ready to go again tomorrow?” said Tech.

Even though there was a barrier between the stage and crowd, Tech made sure to come out as far as possible to show his love for his fans and winked at some of ladies standing in the front row.

With the crowd moving, dancing and bouncing up and down, there was not an empty, cool space in Sokol.

Through the excitement many concert goers uttered that this show was a favorite. With the impressive lights, music and stagework, it truly was an experience.

Not missing a beat, Tech N9ne continued the energy late into Friday night, as the words “If you see them hatas giving me mugs, ladies giving me hugs. It ain’t no rocket science; it’s because ‘Ima Playa,” closed out his concert and truly made this show his own.