Surviving the winter chill on UNO’s campus


By Trent Ostrom

At the University of Nebraska at Omaha, winter is a time that makes students and faculty members alike cross their arms and look straight down as they walk, hoping to fight off the winter winds.

Few enjoy the commute between buildings on campus when the wind chill is below zero, but there are ways to combat old man winter. Let’s go over some ways you can beat the winter blues.

Winter1. Dress Warm

The easiest thing you can do is to dress appropriately for winter. Walking around in shorts and a tank top will not help the cause when the wind chill is below zero. Wear a coat, bring gloves and pack a stocking cap or a scarf. It also doesn’t hurt to wear boots when the ground is covered in snow and black ice may be looming.

2. Have a hot drink

Hot cocoa and coffee are your friends when it comes to cold weather. By having a hot cup in your hand and taking in its warmth, you’ll stay toasty. Friendly reminder, you can get your cocoa and coffee in the Milo Bail Student Center and the Criss Library cafe.

3. Macgyver UNO’s campus.

If you’re a student who has a class until 8 p.m. at Arts and Sciences and you’re parked behind Durham in the winter time, that’s extremely unfortunate. Luckily, there is a way to navigate the campus in a way that keeps you warm.

If you were to walk out of the lower level of Arts and Sciences, go into the back door of Allwine, walk up the second floor, and exit the building only to walk through the main level of CPACS — you would be one warm student. Many simply walkout of a building and feel that they have to deal with the fact it’s cold outside. Don’t do that–be creative.Even if being creative means an added few minutes, it’s a lot better than freezing out in the cold.

By being bundled up, having a warm cup in your hand and exploring UNO’s campus during your daily commutes, it’s safe to say you’ll have old man winter beat.