Survey completion will let students be heard


By Kelsey Stewart, News Editor

As students, we want to know our voices are being heard on campus.
For 5,278 randomly selected freshmen and seniors, filling out a simple survey will make sure that happens.
Every three years, UNO has students take the National Survey of Student Engagement or NSSE.
The survey collects information about student participation in programs and activities provided for their learning and personal development.
“It’s, like a lot of things, a request for time and attention,” said Dan Shipp, associate vice chancellor for student affairs. “When you think back to, ‘Did I really have a voice on that campus?,’ this is one of the ways you can ensure that.”
The feedback on completed surveys is valuable and important to UNO. It will help identify problems and will help reinforce what’s being done well, said Rita Henry, assistant vice chancellor for student affairs.
“It makes student voices real,” Shipp said. “It’s a chance for students to talk about their experience and the positive parts and pieces to their engagement in both academic programs and co-curricular experiences on campus.”
UNO wants to see a high response rate on the surveys. As of Feb. 19, only 563 students had responded.
“We can only do that if we have an accurate assessment of student voices,” Shipp said.
The feedback will help UNO improve the quality of the undergraduate experience, Shipp said. It will also ensure that the university offers the types of programs and services that students need and want.
Students who received the survey have until March 5 to complete it. Those who complete the survey will be entered in a drawing to win one of two iPad Minis.
Asking freshmen and seniors gives benchmarks to see what’s changed, what’s working and what might need improvement, Shipp said.
“This is how students really have a chance to make their voice heard and make a difference in shaping how we spend money and time on programs and services for their benefit.”