Summit League Officially Postpones Fall Sports Season


Jack Hoover

A nearly empty Al. F Caniglia Field, a sight that will become quite common this season. Photo courtesy of Owen Godberson.

At the time of writing in last week’s edition of The Gateway, the possibility of seeing UNO sports compete in this upcoming fall season was still a prospect .

Now, that no longer is an option.

On Aug. 10, the Summit League’s President’s Council voted to suspend its regular season and post season for all fall sports until the spring of 2021.

As the chair of the President’s Council, UNO Chancellor Jeffrey Gold delivered a statement on the league’s decision to postpone.

“This is an outcome that no one wanted to see, however, it was necessary based upon all the information that we have collected and discussed during the current pandemic,” Gold said. “This decision was made even more difficult because we know how much these student-athletes and coaches invest in the sports they love, and we certainly empathize with them.”

This decision to postpone until the spring will affect men’s and women’s soccer, cross country and volleyball.

Now that a decision to postpone has been made, the President’s Council and other officials in the Summit League will begin to develop a plan on how the spring season might look for these sports.

As for Mavericks fans and other Summit League supporters, there must be patience as they will have to wait what looks to be several more months to see their teams in action again.

Across country and Nebraska, fans and administrators for various schools are fighting to reclaim a fall season for their sports teams. These calls have been most active amongst players and fans of college football. Many players have been rallying around the hashtag #WeWanttoPlay on social media platforms.

While most conferences have postponed fall seasons, there still remain a few holdouts, perhaps most notably the SEC and the Big 12. What a sports season might look like where only a few conferences competing remains to be seen.

Until that is figured out, it appears that UNO fans can at least look forward to a jam-packed spring season, where they might be able to watch their softball, baseball, volleyball and soccer teams all play in one day. After going through the longest spell in school history without any Maverick sporting events, fans will feel more than spoiled when it all comes back.

Until then, the Al F. Caniglia Field and the court Baxter Arena will sit empty, waiting again for the student athletes to grace them with their presence.