Study Abroad fair helps take education global


Koichi Iwasaki

Students gather outside the Milo Bail Student center to learn about studying abroad. Photo courtesy of UNO Communications.

The University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) Study Abroad Fair was held at the Milo Bail Plaza on Wednesday, Sept. 17. The free event helped students learn more about how to achieve an education abroad.

College of Arts and Sciences senior Andrew Pace has had experience with UNO’s Education Abroad program. Pace has studied abroad in Australia and South Korea. While studying abroad in South Korea at Yeungnam University, the most interesting thing for Pace was weekend activities. He also said the traditional music performance on the first day in South Korea was unforgettable.

Although new people and places provide a lot of fun, some students could possibly experience homesickness while studying abroad, even if they are abroad for a few weeks. The UNO Education Abroad Program Assistant Annie Spielman said students learn how to deal with homesickness in the pre-departure orientation. Spielman also said she hopes students will study abroad.

“I highly encourage them [students] that if they are interested, even in the right spots, to come to our office and we’ll help them get started,” Spielman said.

The purpose of studying abroad lies beyond just being in a foreign atmosphere. Looking around the world a little bit, this planet has tens of thousands of conflicts, even today. One reason that these conflicts still happen is thought to be the lack of understanding about cultural differences.

“The more people travel, the more people meet each other from different backgrounds,” Pace said.

He believes experiencing different cultures “makes you more diplomatic,” and that it would finally allow people to learn to choose a peaceful alternative when facing conflicts.

The UNO Education Abroad website allows students to choose a program and customize plans depending on their financial balance and academic career.

Since the fair is held only once a year, students might have missed the opportunity to visit the fair. Students who weren’t able to attend can gain information about studying abroad on the UNO Education Abroad website or visit the office in ASH 220.