Students freeze at UNO


By Michael Wunder, News Editor

The approximately 50 University of Nebraska Omaha students struck with temporary paralysis at noon Tuesday were not the victims of a debilitating disease or wayward wizardry, but rather participants in an organized freeze flash mob.

From noon to 12:02 Tuesday, students around campus—mostly in the Milo Bail Student Center—joined in suspended animation. 

The event was “for fun” wrote Oscar Delgado, a sophomore information science and technology major in a note posted in a UNO Freeze Flash Mob group on Facebook.

“The flash was to make things interesting at UNO,” Delgado told the Gateway.  “If the people participating were noticed and caused some sort of confusion, then I’d say they succeeded on their part.”

A freeze flash mob deviates from a normal flash mob in that participants don’t necessarily need to be gathered in one area—all they need to do is freeze, in this case for two minutes, then continue with their daily routine.

Tuesday’s flash mob differed from the mob which took place the previous week, when a group of female students gathered in silence in the Milo Bail Student Center Plaza to raise awareness about alcohol-related deaths and promote an event raising money for organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  The freeze flash mob’s intent was more jovial.

After Tuesday’s two minutes passed, Delgado reported back to the Facebook group.

“Sounds like the people that froze encountered success,” he wrote.  “I froze in the food court in front of the soda fridge…had about eight people try and grab a soda around me.”

Other students reported their successes as well, some in jest.

“Since I woke up late, I froze on the drive to school,” wrote one student.  “Yeah, not my best idea.”

More events to keep UNO an “interesting place” are in the works, Delgado said.