Student launches kickstarter for poetry collection

Photos courtesy of Britney Doane  Doane’s collection, Wingmakers, allows readers to read with their own perception and interpretation.
Photos courtesy of Britney Doane
Doane’s collection, Wingmakers, allows readers to read with their own perception and interpretation.

By Ashley Quintela, Contributor

The Old Market located in Downtown Omaha is full of shops, art and artists trying to make it in the world.

One artist that might be found down there in University of Nebraska at Omaha student Britney Cordera Doane. Doane is a junior taking part in the Writer’s Workshop program at UNO. When she’s not hitting the books, she’s busy writing poetry in the rustic atmosphere that is Omaha.

“I have been doing the Old Market gig for three years now,” Doane said. “It’s a great gig over the summer [and] an excellent way for me to make some money while still doing what I love to do, and interacting with so many different people.”

If all goes well, Doane will become the youngest published writer in UNO history. By taking part in a program called KickStart, she hopes to earn enough money to publish her first book of poetry.

“I started Wingmakers at the beginning of 2014. It started with one poem, then one became a whole collection of poems that connected with each other,” Doane said.“I decided to send samples of my poetry I finished the poetry part of my book. Usually, a writer needs to have the whole book completed before even thinking about sending it to the publisher.”

The Kickstarter program was first introduced by a friend of the young writer.

“My friend, Sophia Potter, runs a non-profit chamber ensemble and used Kickstarter to raise funds for her group,” Doane said. “She is the one that introduced me to Kickstarter. When I first thought about using Kickstarter, I never thought I would make my goal, but now I’m already 80 percent [there] with only less than $200 to go.”

Her book is titled “Wingmakers”and includes winged creatures such as owls, ravens and doves.

“I want Wingmakers to be a learning experience for my readers, but I also want my readers to just read the poem with their own perception and interpretation,” Doane said. “I want Wingmakers to be one of those books where it’s relevant in whatever point in life the reader is in, because I want the poems to mean something different each time they read them. I want them to experience something different each time they dwell in the imagery of the poems, illustrations and postludes.”

Doane has been writing since she could remember. Even if it was not always serious, she always had a love for the art.

“I have always been writing,” Doane said. “Ever since I could write my name, I was writing stories. I would write a poem here or there, for fun, but it wasn’t until my senior year in high school that I wanted to passionately pursue poetry as my form of expression, and really harness my writing abilities. I’m an amateur violinist as well, but before poetry, I wanted to pursue violin.”

For Doane, UNO offered a great writing program. She chose the school due to the Writers Workshop program.

When it comes to inspiration, Doane is able to find it almost anywhere.

“When I’m out in the Old Market, the people who request a poem, even the people who just walk by, inspire me to write,” Doane said.“In general though, I find myself inspired by all the great writers before me, that I admire. And I’m also definitely inspired by my environment and the things in life that I value.”

Through the years, Doane has experienced what it is like to really be a writer. To any young writer out there, she says, “Write, just write. Do not stop writing for any reason.”

Doane has learned not to let fear get in the way of accomplishing her goals. From trying to get her book published, to venturing out into the city for inspiration, Doane has adopted admirable qualities as a writer.

“Don’t let fear, of any kind, but especially the fear of being rejected or not published, stop you from writing,” Doane said. “Most importantly, don’t compensate your artistic integrity, you are a writer by identity, live your life so.”