Student government gets underway


By Jackson Booth, Reporter

UNO Student Government held their second meeting on Thursday, Sept. 13. Student Government meets throughout the school year to propose legislation and various projects to address concerns of UNO students.
At this past meeting, UNO continuing studies student Jennifer Short was appointed as Student Senator of the College of Public Affairs and Community Service (CPACS).
 Short previously served in the United States Air Force in Japan, Thailand, Afghanistan, and several other countries. She is currently studying psychology, with a concentration in post-traumatic stress disorder counseling.
During the meeting, student senators gave reports of upcoming events and issues related to their respective committees.
Student Senator Sean Robinson of the Internal Affairs committee discussed the success of the Maverick Readership Program, which provides students with The New York Times, the Omaha World-Herald and USA Today. The committee is looking into projects that will determine which newspapers are running low in certain areas and how they can make sure bins are being refilled adequately, Robinson said.
Another concern Robinson mentioned was his committee’s interest in meeting with the Omaha Metro Bus System to discuss whether students are abusing the MavRide program. The MavRide Program is funded by Student Government, which gives bus passes to students to take the Metro to and from campus for free.
Speaking for the Student Services Committee, Student Senator Allen Bentley emphasized the need to advertise more of the health services being offered by HPER, like HIV testing.
Bentley also addressed a concern that there should be a chapel to serve all faiths on campus. Student Senator Osamah Alhenaki made further comments that UNO should uphold the values of a secular university by offering a chapel for members of all faiths. Currently, there is one chapel on campus, in the Milo Bail Student Center, that is considered non-denominational.
Toward the end of the meeting, student senators approved Student Resolution 12/13-003. This is a Safety Walk that will take place on October 4th, 2012 at 4:30 p.m.  This event will have members of the UNO community walk around the campus and take note of any safety or security concerns they think should be addressed.
Typically student government meetings do not take place every week; however, Robinson said Student Government will be holding a special Senate meeting next Thursday, Sept. 20. Senators will discuss the possibility of funding a shuttle system for UNO hockey games as well as further funding for shuttles to UNO basketball games.