Speech Center offers lessons for presentations


Molly Bond

Normally, food and drink is not allowed inside the University of Nebraska at Omaha Speech Center. This rule will be temporarily suspended for two events in the near future. The Speech Center is offering two free Learn over Lunch events this semester to help students improve their presentation skills.

All students are welcome to attend the series, where free pop and pizza will be provided. The first lecture in the series was already held on Feb. 9, and focused on introduc-tions, conclusions and audience centeredness.

Marlina Davidson is the coordinator of the series. She said the events are nice because students get to know who works in the Speech Center and what the environment is like.

“It’s really nice to be able to talk to students from around campus who maybe don’t know the speech Center is here and they realize it’s a very nice resource,” Davidson said.

The next two events will be held in the UNO Speech Center, located in Arts and Sciences Hall room 183.

“Communication across Cultures: Non-Native Speakers” is the center of attention for the next Learn over Lunch event. The two part event is March 8 from 12:00-1:00 PM, and on Tuesday April 12.

Photo Courtesy of The Gateway
Photo Courtesy of The Gateway

The last event in this series will help students focus on researching and citing sources.

Professor Traelon Graham is currently teaching an Argumentation and Debate class. He said this event will be helpful.

“Students in the past have either not given a correct source or when giving a source, they haven’t fulfilled necessary requirements,” Graham said.

Graham also said he would recommend this series to his students.

The Learn over Lunch series is open to all UNO students regardless of major.

“Our focus is students but we also have faculty and staff who attend, and they find the information helpful as well,” Davidson said. “Although normally it is graduate or undergraduate students, people come from all different majors and levels of education.”

Kurt Payne, a Business and Marketing junior, is required to take an Argumentation and Debate class
for his degree. Payne feels he has strong presentation skills, but believes this series is a great tool for students who get nervous when presenting speeches or debates.

“Speech is something people shouldn’t be afraid of,” Payne said. “They should face it head on.”
Professor Herby Thompson has sat in on these events in the past, and now helps Davidson run this semester’s series.

“It is a great blend of people who are interested in learning,” Thompson said. “It’s great to see students with the willingness to stretch outside of their comfort zone and enhance their skills.”

Thompson said it’s a good investment for those who come in to help reach their academic and professional goals; this is a great way to enhance their skills where communication is concerned.

Any students who are interested in working on their presentation skills, talking to communication professionals, and receiving free pizza and pop should register for either or both events by calling the Speech Center at 402-554-3201 or emailing the UNO Speech Center at unospeechcenter@unomaha. edu.