Do Space continues to be valid resource


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Will Patterson

Those who have been at the intersection of Dodge and 72 St may have noticed the blocky, colorful Do Space building. This establishment is dedicated to empowering the community through access to a variety of resources, including the acquisition of new skills through free courses.

From the moment one walks through the front doors of Do Space it becomes very apparent that this is a place unlike any other. Computers are free for the public to use and fill rows of tables. Rooms that may be checked out fill the building’s space with unlimited opportunities.

“We’re all about access to technology for and innovative learning experiences for people of all ages at all levels of expertise,” said Rebecca Stavick, the executive director of Do Space.

All courses and events hosted at Do Space are free with the registration of a membership either online or in person at their location.

Upcoming courses offer a wide selection of opportunities for students looking to get that extra edge by bringing their technological capabilities to their full potential. These events are hosted by either community members within Do Space or by outside organizations volunteering their time and resources to contribute to the efforts of the Do Space.

One such workshop coming up that may claim the interest of students seeking a future in entrepreneurship is the Small Business Workshop Series on Tuesday. This three-part series provided by AARP and Small Business Administration offers attendants insight into the means of starting and maintaining a business.

Other classes may offer training and even the chance to use advance crafting tools not typically available to the public. An upcoming example of this is a Laser Cutter Crash Course on Monday. Those in attendance will learn how to use a laser cutter to etch wood, metal, glass and other various materials with all participants even leaving with a free laser-cut item.

In addition to the courses available at Do Space are tech checkouts and reservations.

Tech checkouts give visitors of Do Space the chance to use a piece of technology, such as scanners to create digital renderings of photos, laptops to get some work done and other useful or fun equipment. In addition to requiring a membership, those seeking to use the tech checkout must also have a signed Technology Borrower Agreement on file.

Reservations for some of the more advance technologies at Do Space are also available. Members that have signed a Borrower Agreement and Liability Waiver are given the option to reserve use of the establishments laser cutter or 3D printer. Those unfamiliar with how to operate such devices are advised to either attend a crash course or seek out a mentor before trying to tackle a project themselves.

Do Space’s mission of providing access to technology free to the public does come with operating costs and the efforts of community members. For those interested in volunteering at Do Space or donating resources more information can be found at Do Space’s website.