Site connects higher education students seeking “sugar daddies” to ease debt


By Brittany Redden, Contributor

New reports from the “mutually beneficial relationship” site,, reveal staggering numbers regarding the prevalence of higher education students in their early to mid twenties seeking a sugar daddy (or daddies) to help soothe the sting of a rippling debt pool in their name. 

What’s lacking in reports is discussion of the blurred line the phenomenon presents between “companionship” and prostitution. 

“Sugar babies” are usually (or claim to be) young college students of varying fields of study who are in the market for a bit of sugar of the wealthy variety. 

Seeking Arrangements doesn’t address any expectations of sexual relations, which acts as a thin veil over the greater purpose and expectation of the site and its members. 

“It’s a successful couching of it in relational terms that makes it not be defined as prostitution, even if we all know that is the end goal,” said Shereen Bingham, professor of communication at UNO. 


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