Shallow Side at Shamrock’s Pub

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Will Patterson

Rock enthusiasts are getting another chance to catch a rising band as their tour rolls through Omaha. Shallow Side will be performing at Shamrock’s Pub alongside Seasons After and Guns Out At Sundown on Feb. 11.

The groups are traveling together as part of their Rebels and Renegades Tour.

Fans of rock music who are unfamiliar with Shallow Side are still probably acquainted with their well-known cover of “Renegade” originally by Styx. The cover even became popular enough to catch the attention of Tommy Shaw, the writer of “Renegade” and member of Styx.

While the group may be on the fast track to stardom, their humble beginnings are still in the not-so-distant past. The group hails from the city of Cullman in northern Alabama where their band started as little more than an interest in playing rock music.

“We started as I imagine how any other band would start,” said Eric Boatright, the lead singer of Shallow Side. “A couple of guys who were interested in music.”

From a backyard shed the four began practicing and fleshing out songs. Eventually a weekly gathering of friends evolved into a week-ly house party, bouncing between different band member’s houses.

The size of the band’s gatherings quickly became massive and took place every Friday and Saturday.

“The parties starting getting so big that the cops started showing up before us,” Boatright said.

In true rock fashion the band’s parties were being closely monitored by local law enforcement. This pushed Shallow Side to move their musical performances to small venues and bars in town, thus sparking their first steps towards a professional band.

Ambition propelled the new band as they took on more venues in bigger towns surrounding their hometown. This finally sparked the commitment by the band members to take on full-time positions and tour which is bringing them into Omaha.

As for the actual sound of the band, Boatright cites Shallow Sides’ Pandora station, which typically suggest songs by groups like Shinedown, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, 3 Doors Down, Three Days Grave and other similar bands.

“If you listen to any of those then you would probably find our music appealing to you as well,” Boatright said.

Those who are interested in Shallow Side’s music should look up two of their biggest songs: “Rebels” and their “Renegade” cover. Both songs carry similar vibes lyrically and musically. Additionally, these songs have seen a fair share of radio time on rock stations since picking up in popularity.

Boatright encourages people of all ages and walks of life to give his band’s music a try.

“We don’t have a generation or age group,” Boatright said, “We really try to stretch across the board.”

Tickets at the Shamrock’s Pub & Grill for Shallow Side’s show on Feb. 11 will be $10 if ordered in advance and $12 if bought at the door.

Those looking to hear Shallow Side can find their music on their website:

Additionally, the band and members maintain an active social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.